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 Zrinity, Formerly ActivSoftware, Debuts new company name

 ActivEdit 5.0 Released
ActivEdit 5.0 Released

 Brand Damage From Email Marketing
Even Profitable Email Campaigns Are Likely Damaging Your Brand

 Email Delivery Blog Cuts Through the Confusion
Turing many pages into a few paragraphs, the ActivSoftware team calls their blog the Cliff Notes, for email delivery.

 New Integration of Technology Increasing ROI From Email Campaigns
Highly efficient & flexible code, database connectivity and delivery monitoring algorithms, produced by entrepreneurs in Central New York, lead to ever-increasing ROI from email campaigns.

 High Tech Tools to Increase ROI From Email Campaigns
New technology from ActivSoftware. XM Mail Server provides the ability for business managers to connect directly from their email server to corporate databases.

 High Tech Tools For Business Email Communications
High tech tools will revolutionize the way we communicate with email.

 ActivSoftware Blogging
ActivSoftware has launched a blog

 ActivMail 2.1 Released
New Version of ColdFusion email tool

 ActivEdit 4.0 Released
ActivEdit 4.0 now available on ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, PHP, and ASP.NET

 ActivEdit for Mac OS X
ActivEdit 4.0 now runs on Safari 1.2

 ActivSoftware Releases Spell Checking Web Service
A web service server for our popular server side spell checker software

 ActivEdit 4.0 Released for ASP
Get ActivEdit 4.0 for ASP

 ActivEdit 4.0 WYSIWYG HTML Editor Released for ColdFusion
Get ActivEdit 4.0 WYSIWYG HTML Editor today!

Do you know who's watching you?

 Antivirus Review
A review of products from the top 3 antivirus software vendors

 CFDEV and New Atlanta form partnership
CFDEV Becomes True Blue Partner

 CFDEV Automates Code Reviews
New product makes it easy to spot problems in your code.

 New Product In BETA
Check out our new product

 RSS News Feed
CFDEV now has a RSS news feed.

 ActivSpell Flash MX Component Released
Now, drag and drop spell checking for any Flash MX TextField.

 CFDEV CTO Authors New ColdFusion Book
Pete Freitag, ColdFusion MX Developers Cookbook

 CFDEV Sponsors MXNorth
We are sponsoring the MXNorth Conference March 14-16

 ActivMail 2.0 Released
Now supports attachments and custom headers

 Newman Zone Releases ActivEdit Extensions
Dreamweaver author Creates ActivEdit server behaviors

 ActivEdit 3.0 for ASP.NET
ActivEdit released for the .NET platform

 XSLT Tag released as open source
Source code released for CFX_XSLT

 New support system powered by CFTicket
CFDEV and CornFeed alliance.

 CFDEV and OpenDemand Systems, Inc. Sponsoring New York Event
Monday, May 13, featuring Ben Forta

 ColdFusion CFMAIL Replacement Released
A CFX Tag that solves the problems of CFMAIL

 CFNORTH Early Bird Pricing
CFNORTH Developers Conference Early Bird Pricing

 ActivEdit Wins Readers Choice Award, Again!
ActivEdit takes home the readers choice award for the second year in a row.

 Neo Beta 1 Released
The first beta for Neo was released to a small group of developers.

 CFDEV Launches User Group Initiative
Free software for user groups

 ASP, PHP Spell Checker Released
Spell Checker for ASP, PHP activedit now on sale

 ActivEdit 2.5 Released
Activedit 2.5 released for the CF, ASP, PHP, and JSP platforms

 CFDEV.COM Awarded at Conference
Activedit was named

  Activedit 2.0 Released
CFDEV.COM Releases Version 2.0 of it's award winning product.

 We are a "cool tool"!
Extract from ... Server-side graphing tool OK, OK, this is a little late. But we've gotta say-- you're lucky to get anything today.

 US-UK Allaire ColdFusion Alliance Formed
UK-based, Internet Vision Software formed an alliance with NETDesign Inc's to distribute its applications.

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