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New Product In BETA
July 23, 2003

CFDEV has released a beta version of a new product - the ColdFusion code review tool. The tool is a ColdFusion application that will analyze CFML code, and point out possible security, performance, accessibility, style, bugs, or documentation issues. For instance lets say you want to find all querys that use SELECT *, or all query's that are vulnerable to SQL injection hacking - just point the tool at the directory containing your code, and it will generate a report showing all the issues in your code.

CFDEV has also published a database of best practices online at The web site details each issue that the tool finds, and points out how and why to fix each issue. There are currently over 30 issues detailed on the site.

Additionally you will also be able to write  your own rules and reviews. Typically a review only takes about 4 lines of code. Documentation for writing your own rules is not published yet, but will be out soon.

If you are interested in participating in the beta program:

contact us ( if you are not a current cfdev customer


login ( if you are a current customer.

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