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ActivSpell Flash MX Component Released
June 29, 2003

The ActivSpell Flash MX Component used with ActivSpell for ColdFusion now brings drag and drop spell checking to Flash MX forms.

Users just drag an instance of the ActivSpell component from the component panel to the stage and associate it with a text field in the properties panel. The component appears as a button in a Flash movie. When web page visitors select the button, a spell check interface appears, sends the content of the text field to an efficient Java server-side spell checking engine and returns a set of suggestions for each misspelled word. The text field is updated with the corrections when the spelling session is completed.

"We've been excited about the productivity advantage Flash components offer developers", says Greg Alton of "This is our first Flash Component, and although it is based on our popular ActivSpell JavaScript front-end, it offers some performance advantages over its JavaScript cousin and is much easier to use."

The component is available for the ColdFusion application server now. Versions for ASP,  JSP and PHP will be available soon. More information on the ActivSpell Flash MX Component is available at .

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