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CFDEV.COM Awarded at Conference
November 14, 2000

The new awards hold special meaning though. They originate from NETDesign's peers in the development community.

1) CFDev, a subsidiary of ActivSoftware., produced its first commercially available custom tag about a year ago. ActivEdit was quickly named a 'Cool Tag' by Allaire, founder of Coldfusion. It gathered recognition and was called a cool tag by many very large corporate clients of NETDesign and CFDev. NETDesign uses the tag to power many of its corporate clients' Web sites.

ActivEdit is now officially dubbed the 'Best Custom Tag' in the industry per the 'Reader's Choice Award'. The award was hosted by the primary source for ColdFusion related information, the "Coldfusion Developers Journal". The Journal received and tallied over 13,000 votes and Activedit faced competition from thousands of other custom tags. Fending off very large well funded competitors, the small, unfunded CFDev prevailed. It is a testament to the potential power that can be wielded when one combines highly talented, young entrepreneurs with the Internet anyplace in the world.

2) NETDesign, located in Upstate New York, at the foot of the Adirondacks, is, once again, ranked as one of the best software firms in the country. Only this time, it's not as a Top 100 or Top 80. This time it's as one of the best THREE development firms in the country! The Reader's of the "Coldfusion Developers Journal" also chose NETDesign as one of the three 'Best Development Firms' in the country. NETDesign is honored to be recognized two times in the same award ceremony. NETDesign is chosen, time and time again, as the clear-cut leader in the industry. Thank you, CF Developers Journal and everybody who voted for NETDesign and Activedit.

3) NETDesign won the 'Peoples Choice Award' at the SOHO 2000 show in Syracuse, NY, as the developer of the 'Best Small Business Web Site' for CFDev. Pitted against hundreds of other sites at the show including some very popular ones such as and All certainly formidable competitors. It seems everytime there are 'people' or 'readers' with a software development 'choice' to make, NETDesign becomes the focus of the conversation. See the voting results stored on our site here... - Activedit awarded Reader's Choice for 'Best Custom Tag' for 2000. With thousands of other custom tags and over 13,000 votes tallied NETDesign came out above the crowd.

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