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ActivEdit Wins Readers Choice Award, Again!
March 14, 2002's ActivEdit has won the ColdFusion Developer's Journal Readers Choice award for "Best ColdFusion Custom Tag" for the second year in a row.  ActivEdit is a Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor.  Using the ColdFusion Custom Tag interface ColdFusion developers can use the tag just as though it were a HTML Textarea tag (ActivEdit for JSP also has a Custom Tag interface).  ActivEdit is currently Avaliable for ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, and PHP Application Servers. also won 1st Runner Up for "Best Database Tool" in the ColdFusion Developers Journal Readers Choice Awards with its product CF_Datasource.  CF_Datasource give ColdFusion developers the ability to Add, Modify, and View ODBC datasources.

And finally won 1st Runner Up for "Best WebSite".

2001 ColdFusion Developers Journal Readers Choice Awards

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