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Newman Zone Releases ActivEdit Extensions
January 20, 2003

HENSONVILLE, New York, January 20, 2003 — Newman Zone, the companion site of The Joy of Dreamweaver MX, today released three ActivEdit extensions for Dreamweaver® MX: ActivEdit ASP, ActivEdit CF, and ActivEdit JSP (future releases will add support for Dreamweaver's ASP.NET and PHP server models). These server behaviors greatly simplify the task of inserting ActivEdit — CFDev's browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor — into pages generated by Dreamweaver® MX. Ideal for content management systems, ActivEdit uses an ActiveX DHTML editing component to generate rich HTML content on-the-fly. Version 3.0 now includes a Java applet that supports Netscape 6+ and Mozilla, in addition to Internet Explorer 4+.

The ActivEdit extensions, which include free developer editions of ActivEdit 3.0, were created by P.R. Newman, author of The Joy of Dreamweaver MX. "I devoted an entire chapter to ActivEdit in the book, explaining how to make its code compatible with Dreamweaver," says Newman. "I felt ActivEdit was such an effective tool, there really ought to be an extension for it. Fortunately, [CFDev CTO] Pete Freitag was very open to the idea."

The result is an advanced server behavior that takes the guesswork out of inserting, updating and removing ActivEdit's code using Dreamweaver's renowned visual layout tools. The extension not only inserts the required code into the page — it also copies all of ActivEdit's supporting files and folders into the current Dreamweaver site. In addition, the ActivEdit extensions are compatible with Dreamweaver's standard server behaviors, including Insert Record and Update Record. This means that Dreamweaver users can install ActivEdit, and start using it to manage data-driven web content, within a matter of minutes.

Some of the extension's advanced features include the ability to customize ActivEdit's toolbars by adding, removing, and sorting the toolbar buttons. In addition, the extension automatically detects any CSS styles defined in the current Dreamweaver document and enables the user to add them to ActivEdit's Styles drop-down menu.

"We feel very privileged to have a Dreamweaver pro such as Paul build server behaviors for Dreamweaver using ActivEdit," says CFDev's Pete Freitag. "By leveraging a Dreamweaver expert to create the behavior, we are able to concentrate on our expertise. In the end, by using this component-driven business model on which our company is based — everyone ends up a winner."

CFDev's award-winning ActivEdit, first introduced in 1999, offers many unique features unsupported by other browser-based HTML editors:

The ActivEdit extensions cost $20 each and are available at Pricing for the commercial version of CFDev's ActivEdit starts at $100. For more information about the ActivEdit extensions for Dreamweaver MX, including screenshots, a tutorial and online demo, please visit Newman Zone. For more information about ActivEdit, go to

Newman Zone is the companion site of The Joy of Dreamweaver MX: Recipes for Data-Driven Web Sites (McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2002), a unique and compelling cookbook filled with ready-to-use web solutions. Author P.R. Newman is also founder of BRAVE NEW WURLD, a New York-based web design firm. Mr. Newman has a BA in English and Creative Writing from Binghamton University, and an MFA in Film Production from the UCLA Department of Film, Television and Digital Media.

CFDev was founded in 1999 to produce free and fee-based web application components and resources to the community of developers using all popular web application platforms and server systems. All our tools begin as Macromedia ColdFusion and are then transformed into other languages. We are 99.99% web-based and our processes work five times faster when conducted via the Web. CFDev is a project of ActivSoftware, Inc. For corporate information, EIN and contact info, click here. For CFDev related news, visit the Press Box.

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