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ActivMail 2.0 Released
January 28, 2003

CFDEV announced today the release of a sequel to its popular CFMAIL replacement, ActivMail. With the release comes several new features, including:

 - Unlimited Attachments
 - Custom Headers
 - SMTP Authentication
 - Multiple Server Ports
 - Embed Images in HTML Email
 - Flexible encoding, and character sets
 - Attachments can use tokens
 - CF_MailAttachment tag - makes it easy to send attachments
 - CF_MailHeader tag - makes it easy to use custom headers
 - CF_MailParam tag - makes it easy to migrate existing CFMAIL code

Login To your account for upgrade pricing, or free upgrades (for ActivMail 1.x subscription holders).

Note: If you purchased ActivMail after January 1st 2003 you are qualified for a complementary upgrade.

Along with the ActivMail 2.0 release, we have also added an Email web resource center to our site:

The new page highlights ActivMail 2.0, and two other new products:



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