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ActivMail 2.1 Released
May 25, 2004

ActivSoftware, this week, released a new version of its SMTP client for
ColdFusion ActivMail 2.1. The new version is available as a free
upgrade to current ActivMail 2.0 customers. The product is commonly used as
a replacement to ColdFusions built-in CFMAIL tag.

The new release includes, due to popular request, a ‘failto’ attribute
allowing bounced messages to be sent to an email address different from the
one used in the from attribute. Other new features include the ability to specify the
character set, or encoding for the plain text, and html message types.
The component provides two built in encoding methods quoted-printable
and base64 that allows on the fly encoding.

The company also announced a simpler version of the software called
ActivMail Lite. The Lite version doesn’t include the SMTP server load
balancing options or using a query to populate the message. It does,
however, still provide ColdFusion developers the ability to easily
embed images in mail messages, modify message character sets/encoding,
customize headers, and send attachments.

The Lite version starts at $200 and is geared toward customers that don’t
send much email and don’t require the broad range of existing ActivMail

ActivMail 2.1 is supported on Macromedia ColdFusion 4.5 and up, as well
as BlueDragon 3.0 and up.


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