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Activedit 2.0 Released
November 1, 2000, a Coldfusion(r) development company released Version 2.0 of its flagship product Activedit today. Activedit is a web based content editing tool, which provides a WYSIWYG interface for that provides a dynamic interface for content management. Activedit 2.0 is the first major release in over a year. According to Senior Product Developer for CFDev, Pete Freitag, "This release is mainly a response customer requests, and a few of our own innovations. By popular demand the control now runs much like a "HTML textarea". When the control acts like a textarea, it yields much greater control to the Web developer. Now Web developers can accomplish a lot more with Activedit than just plug the content into a database. This flux of control was one of the main design goals for Activedit 2.0" Activedit 2.0 introduced a JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API) called he AEAPI (ActivEdit Application Programming Interface). The AEAPI permits the web developer to bind code to events, such as initialization, termination, etc. Another feature is the Activedit Installer, it provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for installing Activedit on the server. Other new features include: - A more complex table generator with most of the features available in popular word processors - A more flexible image manager. - More error catching and easier install - And more... Activedit 2.0 is available now at in Standard Edition, and ISP Standard Edition. The ISP edition allows a unlimited number of sites per server. For those who purchased a subscription or purchased Activedit 1.2 after Sep 1st, 2000 you may go to the "My Account" area of our web site at if you need to download the update. For those of you who purchased 1.2 but not the subscription and you would like to upgrade please also proceed to the "My Account" area of our web site and find special upgrade pricing.


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