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Email Personalization

Create Personalized Database Driven Email Campaigns

Template Driven Email - Easy To Use Template Language

As more companies deploy email communication strategies inboxes grow more cluttered and the need to send highly relevant customer email communications is critical. The combination of XMS Email Application Server's database service, and template use, is a highly effective method to increase efficiency and utilize content many times. The ability to leverage different types of content based on elements in the email is powerful.

Imagine the ability to easily include frequently asked questions about the product purchased in your transactional messages (e.g. order confirmations). Better yet, the questions are ordered differently based upon surveys and ways in which Web browsers interacted with the FAQ's as posted via the Web site. This is an efficient way to support cross-company goals and lower support costs. We encourage you to visit our sample applications page for more ideas on how to use this powerful feature.

Database Connectivity

Customer data is key to knowing your customer well enough to tailor messages to each recipient. Weather it is via your web site, postal mail or email, recipients prefer you know them well enough to avoid sending duplicate content and information that does not fit with their profile, thus abusing their time. Also, message content should address which particular purchases were placed, what time the purchase was placed and what categories purchases fall into. The same exact content, including templated content, can be rearranged to form the perfect mail for each recipient. So many variables can be addressed that a million people could receive a million different emails from the same content. Most customer data is stored in a database someplace in each enterprise. Since your customer data can change rapidly it is critical to have the ability to access data real-time.

XM Mail Server provides database access through a datasource service which manages simple datasource representations. The DataSource Service enables other services to store and retrieve data from outside databases for distribution lists, white lists, black lists, challenge response maps and more. You can connect to any database server that has a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver. This includes Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL, to name a few.

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