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Send Email Faster with XMS

A High Speed SMTP Mail Server to Meet Performance Needs.

XM Mail Server provides a high level of performance through a proprietary architecture called Asynchronous Routing Core (ARC). XM Mail Server's performance combines speed with ease of operation, scalability, and reliability.

The ARC technology provides a high-tech and flexible architecture designed around extensibility from the ground up.

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Performance By Design

XMS Was designed from the ground up to be a high performance mail server. The following separate XMS from most email servers on the market:


The asynchronous design of XMS allows it to make highly efficient use of the operating system's threads or processes.


The stream based architecture of XMS means that XMS is not a resource hog - you can send a 80mb email through the server using less than 3mb of RAM.

Java vs C/C++ Servers

XMS is written in Java, and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Most mail servers on the market are written in C or C++. Java Application byte code is interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine, C/C++ based applications are compiled directly into machine code.

The Java is slow Misconception

Many people have the conception that Java is slow, this is due to that fact that it does incur a longer startup time than a native machine code application. In server applications a slightly longer startup time is negligible.

Compilation Optimization VS Runtime Optimization

Since java code execution is optimized at runtime it typically does a better job at optimizing the machine code. C and C++ applications are optimized at compile time, so the compiler has to guess how the application might run in real time.

The result is that the Java Virtual Machine can do a better job at finding the hot spots in your code (The 20% of the code that is executed 80% of the time) and optimize for it.

Additionally since we are running on the Java platform we can take advantage of the performance improvements that the JVM vendors like Sun are making every day, such as out of the box support for AMD64.

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