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Macromedia ColdFusion MX (Neo, CF 6)
Macromedia ColdFusion MX (ColdFusion 6, Neo)

What is ColdFusion MX?
The next version of ColdFusion, called ColdFusion MX (also called Neo, and Cold Fusion 6) marks an exciting revolution for ColdFusion developers.

What's With the Java?
Macromedia has chosen to switch to a Java code base which will run on the J2EE Architecture, replacing the existing C++ codebase. This is merely behind the scenes, virtually all your old code will still run in Neo, and you won't need to learn Java to continue using ColdFusion. If you do know Java ColdFusion MX opens up a lot of possibilities for you. Since CF MX runs on the J2EE platform you will have built in support for JSP, Servlets, and other J2EE services. Contrary to what many people may think about Java, it actually runs very fast for server applications, Macromedia says that ColdFusion MX will out perform previous versions.

Whats new in CFMX?

ColdFusion MX Books

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