Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pimp your own Canyon Headphone and win a customized Canyon skateboard

Are you creative? Inspire us! Show us what your artistic interpretation of lifestyle is!

Whether you are inspired by music, street arts, modern trends, skyscrapers, lights, skateboarding, billboards, fashion, cars, arcade games, and/or the nightlife, we are interested in anything from the broad spectrum of urban living.

Canyon recently introduced a new cool headphone. You have now the chance to pimp your own headphone.

It is easy to participate! 

Download now the picture of the CNR-HP3headphone on Facebook and add your own design to it. This can be a digital design or drawings and paintings.

  • Digital design: Includes graphic design and any artwork made with computer-based programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • Drawings & paintings: Anything is allowed: pencils, graffiti, markers, sketches, spray-paint or stencils – as long as the techniques are applied to paper, cardboard or canvas.

Once you finalized your masterpiece you can upload your design on our Facebook site. The person who receives the most likes wins. You can upload as many files as you want! 

The contest will last till the July 15th 2011
To inspire us, the design has to be fresh, creative and dynamic.  

Prices are
First place : Canyon graffiti Skateboard + Canyon headphone CNR-HP3
Second place: Canyon headphone CNR-HP3 + portable speaker CNR-SPP02W
Third place: Canyon headphone CNR-HP3

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