Friday, 11 February 2011

Great Apps

It is no surprise that there are a lot of apps at MacWorld. However, what is surprising was just how not terribly magical and revolutionary most were. Thankfully, there were a few standouts. We've shifted through the uninspiring to bring you these interesting apps which are all available now or will be in the App Store within the next few months.

Alawar Hamlet: The Bard's Hamlet in pretty much name only, this game is filled with brain teasers and puzzles that you must complete as Hamlet in order to save Ophelia. Adorable graphics and challenging puzzles, what more could one want?
Snoring U: This app strives to settle the debate of who was actually snoring last night and also help the snoring to end. The app works by monitoring sleep and when it detects snoring it says a pre-recorded message like, "turn over you're snoring again."

TouchUp: Quick and easy photo editing for the iPad is nothing terribly new, but what we did love about this app is the impressive zoom control for detail work and the burn and dodge tool.

Peterson Birds: Everything you love about the trusty guidebook in app form, we love the combination of sound and images. This app brings back memories of geeking out over the guidebook.

Appetites & iCookbook: Two very different but interesting cooking apps. iCookbook uses recipes from Big Food and has a cool voice control feature allowing you to advance your recipe without having to tap. Appetites has a more home grown approach to food with recipes coming from food bloggers who have recorded video of themselves cooking.
PDF Expert: Although the PDF app marketplace is rather large, this one does stand out with its UI, annotation, and editing controls.

iTap Mobile: This app allows you to control your Mac or Windows computer from your IOS device and has gesture support.

SkySafari: This mobile astronomy app has gorgeous graphics much like one of our favorite apps. This app has a Lite & Pro version, the Pro version allows for connection and control of a telescope with an additional accessory.
NatureScape: Gorgeous sound imagery is contained in this app. Once we put the headphones on it added a peaceful layer to the show floor that was quite welcoming. Much better than other white noise sorts of apps.

DK Guides: We've always been huge fans of the cutaways and love to see them on the iPad. We also love the neighborhood guides and think they are the most friendly of the travel guidebooks to explore.

Text: Joelle Alcaidinho
Photos: Melissa Santiago

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