Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Photo Shoot Bulgaria

Last week Bulgaria organized a Photo shoot with the hip hop dancer Viktor Milushev. All pictures are looking fantastic with the trendy products of canyon's Graffiti Limited Edition.

Viktor Milushev has been a professional dancer for 5 years and teaches hip-hop dancing in the biggest street dance school in Bulgaria – Street Dance School The Center”. He is now studying “Dance Theatre” at New Bulgarian University. During the summer of 2010 he had a 2-month dance specialization at the USA. This experience helped him to win the Street Dance Battle, organized by Canyon on 9 September as part of the big Canyon Graffiti Fest. As a winner, Viktor received a sponsorship by Canyon and became its endorser for Bulgaria. As part of this Viktor did a recent photoshoot where he not only showed the Canyon Graffiti Limited Edition, but also presented some rather difficult dance moves.


  1. Will we see movie with dance?

  2. Hi Arnika,
    I will post today two videos of Viktor. Check also our Facebook site for more videos.
    Canyon team