Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hip Hop Contest

Last week the 8th edition finals took of the 'Ultimatum pentru Arta is a national Hip-Hop contest (bands and MCs)' in the Elephant Pub, Bucharest (historical centre).

 In the Finals the contestants interpreted two tracks they have previously prepared and they also had to do an improvisation of a couple of verses (or a stanza) based on a given instrumental on the spot. The winners have been established 30% by the public and 70% by the jury, the final grades being the average of the accumulated points.

There were 10 contestants who played in the finals and in the end three winners:
Ist place: Swoad
2nd place: Tache
3th place: O.N.

The rest of the top 10 was:

IVth place: Ovo
Vth place: Sample & N-Man
VIth place: Jhon
VIIth place: Faptu’ Rap
VIIIth place: Da One
IXth place: Necenzurat
Xth place: Dazzo

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