Thursday, 18 November 2010

Graffiti Event in Russia

Last month Russia Launched the Graffiti Limited Edition during 3 events. We sponsored an extreme bicycle race "summerKAT: Limited Edition" an Dual branding event with Akella and GameGurru to promote the game Gothic 4 and we were present at the exhibition in Ogromir 2010.

The bicycle event took place around the metro station Orehove in the Park Zone. During this event more than 500 persons participated and even more spectators were watching the whole spectacle.

After this event we branded an event with Akella and GameGurru to promote the game Gothic 4. In the shop Eldorado on Bratislavskaya metro station more than 250 visitors came, participated and watched the event. People were able to play games, created their own Graffiti Products and win spectacular prices as the Limited Edition products.

And last weekend we were attending an exhibition at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. The exhibition was visited by approximately 100 000 persons. The Graffiti Limited Edition products were highlighted in two stands. During the days visitors could win cool Limited Edition products.

Russia, many thanks for creating these events, we are looking forward to the next one.

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