Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Canyon Graffiti Fest in Latvia sponsored by Adidas & Elkor

On Saturday 23rd of October, a Canyon graffiti fest was held near the shopping center Elkor Plaza in Riga, Latvia. From 13h to 19h, between 2000 and 3000 people attended the event despite the cold and rain.

People walked around the numerous ‘cubes’ with artwork, enjoying the live music DJs and Ozols, one of the most popular musicians in Latvia. A total of 11 top graffiti professionals in the Baltics took part in the event, as well as another 11 graffiti artists who competed for the Grand Prix, a voucher of $200 for Canyon products from our partner Elkor. The theme for the competition was : Think positive! It was not just a theme for graffiti artists, but also to appeal to all Latvian people.

People could also try to make their own graffiti, or take part into the ‘Graffiti Shoes’ contest, where people had to draw and design shoes. Moreover, six cars among the 80 submitted were able to receive a graffiti makeover. Of course, the cool graffiti products from Canyon were also presented at a special stand.

A few weeks earlier, a special webpage was created to announce the event (, where artists could register themselves for the competion, as well as car owners who wishedtheir car was covered with graffiti.

Kiwie, one of the winners of the Canyon Urban Art contest held last spring also attended the event.

Canyon was proud to be sponsored by Adidas and Elkor for this event.

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