Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Canyon Graffiti Festival Latvia 23-10-10

Canyon Graffiti Fest in Latvia sponsored by Adidas & Elkor

On Saturday 23rd of October, a Canyon graffiti fest was held near the shopping center Elkor Plaza in Riga, Latvia. From 13h to 19h, between 2000 and 3000 people attended the event despite the cold and rain.

People walked around the numerous ‘cubes’ with artwork, enjoying the live music DJs and Ozols, one of the most popular musicians in Latvia. A total of 11 top graffiti professionals in the Baltics took part in the event, as well as another 11 graffiti artists who competed for the Grand Prix, a voucher of $200 for Canyon products from our partner Elkor. The theme for the competition was : Think positive! It was not just a theme for graffiti artists, but also to appeal to all Latvian people.

People could also try to make their own graffiti, or take part into the ‘Graffiti Shoes’ contest, where people had to draw and design shoes. Moreover, six cars among the 80 submitted were able to receive a graffiti makeover. Of course, the cool graffiti products from Canyon were also presented at a special stand.

A few weeks earlier, a special webpage was created to announce the event (, where artists could register themselves for the competion, as well as car owners who wishedtheir car was covered with graffiti.

Kiwie, one of the winners of the Canyon Urban Art contest held last spring also attended the event.

Canyon was proud to be sponsored by Adidas and Elkor for this event.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Monday, 18 October 2010

Already 5000 Raised for Orphans in Uganda

GORINCHEM, the Netherlands Canyon is proud to announce it has already raised over 5000 with the sales of its Graffiti Limited Edition launched last September. And this is just the beginning, confirms Geert van Dijk, VP Sales & Marketing of Canyon. Indeed, the company has announced previously that it will donate a percentage of its profits made with graffiti products to child aid projects, with the hope to give children a chance in society and to make a lasting, long term difference on a community.

Canyons donations will contribute to complete classrooms for the Green Valley School in Bwera, Uganda. This project helps orphans and widows by offering them education and a lasting future. Residential areas are also built on the school premises, meaning over 500 needy children can also have a safe home. The school will also provide children with daily meals and school uniforms.

For this exciting project, Net4Kids Aid Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organization, will help Canyon with its mission to help getting children off the streets and provide them with opportunities for a better future. Canyon is committed to make a difference in the Bwera community, and we are proud to partner with Net4Kids to contribute to the well-being of children. Geert van Dijk.

An estimated 2.7 million children are orphans in Uganda, which represents about 8.6% of the total population. This can be explained by the continuing civil war and the HIV/AIDS pandemic which leaves children behind without parents or a roof above their head. Many of these children who have lost their parents are either raised by family or they end up on the streets where they are left to their own devices. Net4Kids.

Net4Kids works with carefully selected projects that are fully integrated in local culture and structures, in areas such as health care, education, safe water, housing and family support. Thanks to Net4Kidss model, Canyon will have the opportunity to be directly involved with sponsored projects, and to follow progress made on a regular basis.

To find out where to buy products from the graffiti limited edition and to contribute to the Green Valley School project, click here.

Visit our website or follow us on Twitter for the latest information about progresses made with this project.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

October 23rd... Graffiti launch event in Latvia

 October 23 we'll have the launch event in Riga, Latvia. Billboards are already in place to announce the event.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

And again, A Graffiti launch event...

this time we have been heading for the UK.

In the luxurous Grosvenor hotel, situated on Buckinham Palace Road, we presented our Graffiti Limited Edition to in total 75 key retailers and representatives from major magazines.

Vivienne Schuuring, Marco van der Burg and Geert van Dijk from the corporate office in The Netherlands went over to present together with Shelley Smith and Lee Cauchie from the UK office.