Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Profile: Kiwie, graffiti artist

Artist name: KIWIE

Age: 22
City: Riga
Country: Latvia

What is your definition of graffiti?
Its to do things differently. Graffiti is a broad word, and most people (who dont do graffiti) dont understand what it is. Most people think that everything that is on a wall is graffiti, even things like: I love Andre.

If you want to know what graffiti in few words is, here is my definition: Its passion of life, to live different, its an adventure. To me, the process is more important than the final look. Its like doing geo-catch (treasure hunting). As we know, in whatever kind of work/hobby/stuff your doing, theres this junk stuff. Well if you start do something; you need to understand that a lot of practice is needed to do good stuff. Nobody did an excellent artwork in first day.

What got you into graffiti?
It was natural. I had no internet in that time, and I grow up in small village. Basically I lived like in a cave. I was doing drawings since I was a kid, I didnt understand what I was drawing or why I was doing this. But I wanted it so bad, there was this feeling. It felt like the right thing to do. Then, with the internet showing up in my house, I discovered graffiti styles, and started to put this art in my drawings.

How was your first graffiti experience?
I found a white spray-paint can in my fathers garage, I remember that pretty well.

Whats your dream achievement, if anything was possible?
To create my own fashion label like no other. To create a style thats unique.

What do you like about graffiti and making them?
The feeling of freedom and open mind. You basically can draw anything you want, nobody tells you where and what to do, or whats wrong and whats right. Youre the boss. It is the feeling of power to change the rules.

Tell us more about the graffiti scene.
...its complicated

Which style do you prefer?
On walls I try to mix 3d and 2d. But now I discovered old school comic styles and pine-up girls. I try to study these styles, and to put it in my artworks. I also love vector works and other digital stuff. Im learning all the time, to be better.

Where do you find inspiration?
Im searching it everywhere: at home, on the streets, in bus stations... You need to open your eyes, to see things youve never seen before. You need to search places you never been before.

Favorite graffiti artist(s)/tagger(s)/Etc?
OBEY, CAN2, Optimist, SAKI, Miss Van... people who did a lot of work to create their own iconic style.

Have you ever been caught and locked up?
No. If youre clever and use your brains, nothing bad will happen. Just dont over-rate yourself.

What is the biggest risk youve taken for a graffiti?
Rooftops, its definitely rooftops. Its dangerous to make graffiti on them. Its hard to get away from them, if youre spotted by police or some random people. In these situations you need to think fast. Once we faced a situation almost like in movies: We had to jump from roof to roof to get out without being caught

Will you always make graffiti?
Everything whats around me is somehow connected with street art/graffiti scene. Im living with that. Its hard to understand if youre not in it. It will be my passion till I die for sure.

Best thing about being a graffiti artist?
You never know what will happen tomorrow. Love that!

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