Thursday, 9 September 2010

A-MA-ZING time!!

Top marketing example from our team in Bulgaria!! We are so proud!! :-))
What a great event they organized.... Really super!

Over 600 young and cool kids from Sofia joined the Canyon crew at The Mall. A part of the parking lot was reserved for us, with fences customized with Canyon tape surrounding the area. A stage was setup, with two cool guys entertaining the crowd. A group of boys were doing skateboard tricks and BMX in one corner, and in the other there was a dance contest. Over 25 talented dancers showed their moves during dance battles in the hope to impress the jury and the crowd. Loud Hip Hip music attracted people passing by and visitors from the mall, where many retailers had loads of Canyon Graffiti products in stock to supply the demand. A 10 years old boy arrived already early this morning, because he soooooo looked forward to making graffiti for the workshop scheduled at 15h. Sweet!

We felt so proud to be a part of all this. It was great to view all those trendy boys & girls having so much fun.

We are now driving to Bucharest in Romania - Our last destination of the Roadshow. We can't believe it is almost done...

KM to go: 230km
ETA: 22h10
Temperature: 23 degres
Altitude: 80m

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