Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Last destination of the graffiti roadshow: France

And here we are!
We've arrived on Monday in St-Brieuc, France. This is a lovely, typical village in 'Bretagne', and it is a sea food paradise!!

Yesterday was the first evening to officially launch the graffiti products into the French market. It was a more conservative event (compared to what we've had in the past weeks), so no graffiti competition or hip hop dancers. However, some of the most important customers were present, and we totally felt VIP. Treated with champagne, coquille, lobster, oysters... We've also had the event in a castle, 'Chateau des Marais'. Totally awesome! When graffiti meets French elegance! ;-)

Tomorrow we will drive back to the Netherlands. This will mark the end of the roadshow, but certainly not the end of graffiti! Actually, all goods were SOLD OUT within a few days of introducing the Limited Edition! It is such a great feeling to provide unique products to the market, to make a statement, and to challenge the standards. I think we've made our point that Canyon is not your typical IT company :-)

Photos of the event in France to come soon!

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