Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Heading to Belgrade!

Thanks girls for the update. All photo's look great. Good to hear Canyon is rockin' Cyprus.

We had a wonderfull time with the team in Sarajevo. It was again highly encouraging to see so many positive and enthusiastic people at one place. On the main square in Sarajevo the products were presented to the audience by DJ's, Graffiti artists, skate boarders and MCs. In the meanwhile the corporate team presented the project to press and key retailers.

The local team did a great job and we would like to thank both Jasna and Admir for their hospitality and efforts to make the Graffiti Limited Edition a success. We are sure they'll succeed.

We passed the Bosnian-Croatian and Croatian-Serbian border without any problems this time. We are now heading for Belgrade. For Marco: Temperature is 21 degrees, altitude is 95 meter, we have 79 kilometer to go, ETA 7:13 PM.

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