Friday, 3 September 2010

Heading for Croatia

Thanks Viv for the (short) update about Cyprus...:-) We just left Ljubljana where we presented the Graffiti products on one of the prime locations of the capital of Slovenia. Several retailers and representatives from the press attended as well as the local ASBIS team. It was again highly encouraging to see our products and Graffiti artists telling their story.

We are now heading towards Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. ETA 8:48 PM, 97 kilometers in front of us. Tomorrow morning we'll fly to Amsterdam to spend our weekend at home. Monday early morning we'll continue with our roadshow from Zagreb. We'll visit 5 capitals next week!

Stay tuned as we'll update images and more from the event in Ljubljana later today.

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  1. who can wait for you come to Belgrade? I know I can;t :-))))))))))))))