Tuesday, 7 September 2010

GUABA club in Cyprus

Hi Guys. Marketing team from Cyprus here; Yara, Eliana & Melina. We launched the Graffiti Limited Edition in Cyprus Sunday (August 28th) at a fantastic club called Guaba which is right on the beach. A lot of party-goers came and we got some great feejavascript:void(0)dback on the products. People wanted to know the prices and where they could find the limited edition and a couple of lucky winners will get a limited edition design product based on a draw we are holding this week.

We tried to cover all of Guaba with Canyon and you could see the logo everywhere you looked! We had stickers on the trees, on the doors, on the tables... The Canyon team also sent us some cool beach balls and beer mats which we put everywhere. We put up 1000 balloons with the Canyon logo and released them when the party started.

There were also a couple of great DJs: Myon and Shane54 who were really enthusiastic about the products and even used the headsets! We had a great time, it was a fantastic party.

Have a good afternoon, Yara

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