Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Finally in Sarajevo

Good morning!
We thought to give you a little update about our adventure in Bosnia.
We finally could cross the border, despite having "wrong" papers & invoices. A few phone calls were made, and we were 'free' to go! They must have found out who we are, haha ;-) Just kidding.
Well, that was not the end of the evening. About 200m away from the borders, we got stopped by the police, and we had to follow them to the station for speeding..........
Anyhow, we made it to Sarajevo at around 1h45. A big thanks to Admir for picking us up that late!

We just had breakfast, and now we are leaving to another exciting Graffiti Roadshow event!

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  1. Why speed when you ca take it chilling... cool Canyon nice products we should speed to get them...