Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 8..... Belgrade!

What an evening! We have been told by Vedran in Croatia that Serbains know how to create a party... It's surely true! They did everything possible; 8 Graffiti artists, a DJ, 4 extremely good breakdancers and even a Flash Mob.... Very, very, very spectacular. Serbian know how to party! If our Graffiti products don't sell there, I'll eat my keyboard.....

We are now somewhere between Belgrade and Sofia, approaching Nis.... Especially for Marco, the latest update: Temperature: 23.5 degrees, Altitude 105 meters, Distance to go: 299 km. ETA 1:42 AM.

The internet in the car is too slow to upload photo's and movies but be assured that we'll post some great ones tomorrow! Stay tuned.


  1. THIS IS WHAT WE DO !!!!!


  2. Come again sooooooon!

    Marko :)