Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 10 --- Romania


The Graffiti event in Romania started at 10h30 this morning. We gave a press conference in front of the Orange store at a very big shopping mall in Bucharest. Orange actually has exclusivity for our graffiti products for a while, so we partnered with them for the event. In the afternoon, graffiti workshops and live music were going to take place outside the mall. The weather was OK (no rain!), it is Friday, AND the last weekend before school starts. The Canyon team in Romania was very hopeful to get a considerable crowd attending the event - Orange sent SMS to +600 000 of their users to invite them!! Unfortunately, Geert and I had to leave after lunch, as we have a very long road ahead of us. And after many days on the road, we are looking forward to spend some time with our families before going back to "normal" work on Monday.

We are now waiting for a ferry that will bring us to Bulgaria. Then the road will lead us to Serbia and to Croatia where we hope to sleep tonight... Over 8h to go, and it is now 19h... We might make a quick stop in Belgrade for some rest instead, and leave early tomorrow morning. Then there will be over 15h left to reach the Netherlands.

Let's hope the ferry comes soon!


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