Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Colleague

Canyon presents Julia Lipchanskaya, our new Marketing Coordinator in Belarus. Julia graduated from Belarusian State University. She studied biology for 5 years: "I realize it looks rather strange for a marketer to have such education", Julia tells. "But I learned to cope with huge bulks of information, systemize it and make conclusions. These are skills I believe are useful for a marketer as well. At the moment I study at Higher School of Advertising in order to become an expert in advertising and marketing." Julia worked for a retail chain which now is called Sviaznoy. She gained deep knowledge of retail sales, merchandising, and customer care. She also worked for a system integrator Mutisoft for 3 years. Her responsibilities included sales at first, then she was assigned marketer.

"Asbis has worked out a challenging sales plan for both Canyon and Prestigio brands for 2010. Though I am a newcomer, I am sure I’m capable of working out a marketing solution to help my company meet the goals."

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  1. Hello, welcome, Julia, glad to see you here. I want to help you with your study and recommend this site as really helping tool. Good luck with your education.